by Amy, Children at Risk DTS student

Sheetal - YWAM Madison DTS outreach India

Sheetal is a high energy, 10 year old girl. Her mother, a prostitute, left her orphaned by AIDS.

Sheetal had so much energy I could hardly keep up with her! She never stopped moving, talking, playing, and demanding that I do the same. I soon felt exhausted by her endless supply of energy. But then I realized she was simply lonely and craved loving friendship. Sheetal just wanted someone to laugh with her, play with her, and love her. And so the majority of the time we were at the home, I spent time with Sheetal.

Even though it broke my heart to know that I would only be able to be her friend for three days, God reminded me of something. I needed to spend each day with her to the fullest! What we were doing with these kids is important, something they won’t forget.

One our last day, Sheetal looked at me with begging eyes.

“Please come back on my birthday, April 25th!” she said.

“I’ll see if I can,” I said. I knew it was unlikely that I could come back then, but how can you say no to a question like that?

As we drove away from their home waving goodbye, I prayed, “God, show Sheetal that you are her friend, but that you will never leave her.”