Prison ministry in Africa

Sharing at a Local Prison

Written by Codi
DTS Student

Our team has traveled from the town of Jinja, Uganda, to an island that had a YWAM hospital, to a village in Kenya that had no electricity. In the last week of our outreach, the entire team is excited to have the ability to see family and friends but is sad to be leaving Kenya.

These last days have been spent in Nairobi. We have been visiting churches, prisons, and orphanages for the disabled.

One of the highlights of the past week has been playing soccer with inmates at a local prison. Before the game we performed skits demonstrating the Gospel and Biblical truths for the inmates.

Finally, we began the game. The inmates held the advantage of skill and a life of playing the sport. However, we managed to even the competition with a few players with far more skill than any on our team.

In the end, our team was ecstatic to have the opportunity to go to this prison and spend the day with these inmates. Sometimes, showing Christ’s love means putting yourself in relationship with someone else on a common ground. And sometimes, it looks like a game of soccer.