Seeing with my own eyes, feeling with my own heart.

by Brittany, Children at Risk DTS student

Boy begging - YWAM Madison DTS Thailand

A boy begs on the street in Bangkok, Thailand.

Today I saw with my own eyes what I've only heard about for the last few months, and it broke my heart.

I was with my team, walking and praying through Bangkok, Thailand. We visited temples and soaked in as much Thai culture as we could, all while asking God to open our hearts to be like His.

While we waited outside a bus stop, I saw a little boy sitting on the landing. He held a small cup and just looked at the ground. Defeated. I watched him for a while to see if maybe he was just waiting for his mom. But I didn't see anyone. No one stopped to talk to him or anything.

I just wanted to scoop him up in my arms and love him. Kids are so precious and valuable–it hurts me to see a child who looks so forgotten, or is used to beg for money. I wished I could be his mom so he could just be a kid, to run around and play with his friends. To explore the world. To learn.

As I'm journaling before going to bed, I can't forget this boy. Will you pray with me that he grows up and knows how special he is? Will you pray for the other kids like himĀ on the streets who are begging for money to get by, who don't receive love the way they should?