School of Redemptive History

Finding God’s Fingerprints through History

Love for the nations — or a specific nation — burns in your heart. You want the nations to know God, to know the destiny He has in mind for them.

Every nation is exceptional! Every nation has redemptive gifts that it brings to the world. Learn how to discover and support these gifts through the study of history.  

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About This Course

The School of Redemptive History aims to inspire students with a love for finding God’s fingerprints in history and develop practical skills for study, research and intercession with the Holy Spirit. Using a variety of creative and artistic expressions, students will go through a process of study and reflection that shapes their understanding of the stories of nations in a way that communicates God’s Story with love, healing, belonging and redemption.

Understanding the history of a nation is a key component for you to disciple that nation.  Part of what needs to change in any nation is for individuals to see God as having been involved in the history of their nation.  There is also a need to discern strategies against the nation as well.

This course will also teach the skills of historiography.

What To Expect?

Classes will be held in a historical city in East Asia for the first six weeks. The school will then hit the road for a six week research tour. After the school, you can add on an optional 3-6 month internship.

When ?

Spring 2018
April 15 – July 7

How Much?

Tuition covers the cost of meals, lodging, guest speakers, and books.

plus costs of research tour
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