Saying Nice Things — Allied Drive Kids’ Ministry

by Breana, YWAM Madison Staff

Bre and her Special Little Friend -- YWAM Madison Allied Drive Outreach

Bre and her Special Little Friend -- YWAM Madison Allied Drive Outreach

On Tuesdays, I take a few DTS students to the Allied Drive area in Madison where we, along with the Bible School for the Nations students, run a Bible study for the kids. (Allied Dr. is one of Madison's more challenging neighborhoods, known for poverty and crime.)

I made a special friend–she is eight years old and her sense of humor reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. Her laugh is contagious, and, like many little girls, she loves hugs and telling me about her day.

Last Tuesday, this eight-year-old girl said she was stupid. Naturally, I could not let her say this and then not say something nice and true about herself. So we started the “say two nice things about yourself” game. After a couple minutes of me trying to convince her to say two nice things about herself, she still refused!

“You're really good at swimming!” her little sister piped up.

“She is?” I said. “Hey, I'm not good a swimming so that is really cool that you are.”

“Now YOU have to say two nice things about yourself because you said you weren't good at swimming!” the girl said.

Wow, she got me on that one!

We then continued saying nice things about ourselves the rest of the evening. Later, I walked her and her sister home. Right before we got to their apartment door, I felt I was supposed to give her one of my bracelets.

“Every time you look at this bracelet,” I said, tying it onto her slender wrist, “remember that you are not stupid and you are loved so much by God!”