Say Yes and He’ll Provide the Rest

Izzy is a graduate from YWAM Madison’s Fall DTS, 2020. After her graduation, she traveled to YWAM Cluj in Romania to be a nanny for a family who ran a Kingdom Culture and Personal Revival School at the base there. Here is an excerpt from her about the journey towards the decision to go.

What A Whirlwind

“Wow what a whirlwind it has been. I have learned the power and grace that comes with my “yes” along with many other treasures. I have learned that the Lord’s timing is truly PERFECT.
I was so sad and scared to say yes to Jesus inviting me to Romania. I said, “Jesus, why now? I just got home from my Discipleship Training School, I’m terrified of traveling internationally alone, I just want to be with my family, and I am exhausted. Why are You asking me to do this now?” I just heard him ask over and over, “will you take My hand and trust Me? Will you walk into this new season? This is the next step. Will you trust Me?” He was inviting me into a whole new world. He wanted to show me things from his perspective. So I cried a lot, took His hand, and I said yes. Wow. I am forever changed. I have more joy, freedom, peace, trust and confidence than I ever have before. I am already filled with more love, kindness, and grace. ”

Loving Others

“He taught me how to see others and myself through His eyes. He taught me how to love others and myself through His eyes. During my month in Romania I was able to do every little thing with Jesus because we shared love and joy in each other and for each other. It was such a perspective shift for me.
Now, on the other side of my trip, I only see God’s perfect plan and timing. It was orchestrated with even more love and grace than I could have imagined. I see now how He offered His hand and I took it, then we danced.

My encouragement to each and every one of you is to just say yes. Take His hand, trust Him and don’t forget to dance.”