children in Uganda

Saving Albert

By Breland
DTS Student

At the end of our first week in Uganda, we visited the home of our hostess where we were able to hear the testimony of a little boy named Albert. Monique, our hostess, houses 20 orphaned children at all times.

As I listened to Monique tell this 12-year-old boy’s story, I couldn’t help noticing the large scar on his leg and I wondered how he got it. I listened with anticipation as she began to speak.

“He is from Arua,” Monique said. “He has two siblings who still live there, but he came to us four months ago. Some Bible missionaries in Arua found him living in extreme poverty with his grandmother, who took him and his siblings in after their father died and mother left. He broke his leg two years ago. When the missionaries found him, they had connections with the hospital I run and so they made arrangements for him to come here.”

Albert had a compound fracture with the bone sticking out of his leg for two years. Infection had begun to set in. When the missionaries took him to the hospital, the doctors feared they would have to amputate the leg.

One of doctors insisted he could save Albert’s leg, and the surgery was a success.

“We didn’t have the money for the surgery,” Monique continued. “But we did a fundraiser and all $800 dollars came in in one day. Albert now can walk on it without any trouble and the infection is all gone. It truly is a miracle.”

Monique plans to put Albert back in school this February, because he has missed school for some time because of his family and his injury.

“We decided that Albert would stay with us and he is very happy here,” Monique concluded.

My heart swelled with joy as I watched this mom embrace this boy. You can feel the deep compassion she has for Albert. God performed a miracle to save Albert’s life. Hearing his testimony only showed me more of God’s compassion for the hurting and searching.

Monique shows God’s compassion for people every day, whether in her own home or in the hospital she operates. It encouraged me to allow God’s compassion flow through me because it changes lives forever.