Saunders Family

Dow and Brooke Saunders live with their children in Madison, WI, where they work in Youth With a Mission in several of its global initiatives and mobile training ministries, especially Biblical Education and Leadership Training (BELT) international seminars. Dow’s commitment is to training and equipping Christian missionaries, pastors, and leaders who will go on to disciple their societies through biblical training and discipleship. He does this primarily through leading teams and teaching biblical principles in international initiatives to the Congo, Tanzania, Nepal, and many other nations with limited access to biblical training, and he does this in partnership with other mission organizations, such as Wycliffe Bible Translators. Dow is also part of YWAM’s University of the Nations international staff and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Christian Formation and Discipleship through the University of the Nations in order to enhance and deepen his global missions work. Brooke is a certified nutrition consultant and has joined ministry teams to Congo, Tanzania, Nepal, India, and Morocco. Together they have a daughter (Frances) and two sons (Gordon and Everett).

Our ministry of international teaching and discipleship is funded through gifts from Christian donors such as yourself! Currently we are raising $17,000 for Dow’s 2017 ministry trips and masters costs. (This includes two upcoming trips to Africa this fall-winter for teaching, two trips earlier this year to Switzerland for masters training, a BELT and Bible School for the Nations teaching trip to Fiji and Australia this past summer, a required University of the Nations conference in early September, some unexpected home improvement costs that we incurred this year to fix deteriorating siding and plumbing, Christian school fees for our daughter who is now in kindergarten, and finally tuition, books, and materials required for the masters degree.) Please consider helping us to cover our 2017 costs!

We are blessed by your prayers and generosity!