Learning to Rest in God

I am an action person. A doer, get-er-done, let’s get to work person.

So for two days on outreach when God told our team we weren’t to DO but just BE, I didn’t like that. I am horrible at just BEING sometimes and I didn’t know why God would “torture” me like this.

Unfortunately, I had a fever and my day of being involved a lot of sleeping and hating just being when I was awake. My day was not very enjoyable.

The second day my team leaders said they felt like God had something significant He wanted to show each of us about being. My teammates shared what they were already experiencing:

  • Learning the significance and value of ‘simple’ acts done with Jesus’s love. 
  • Not trying to make plans on what to do, but waiting with God.  
  • Being in a coffee shop and spending the time with God without pressure.
  • Finding you can have revelations in the norm, not just ministry.
  • Just doing activities they enjoyed in God’s presence.
  • Being refreshed for the first time in weeks because God knew what they needed to be refreshed.
  • Taking the time to slow down and notice their surroundings and the people around.

Not wanting to have another miserable day or miss what God had for me, I asked a friend to pray with me because I had no clue what God wanted me to do.

God told me He wanted me to rest (I was still sick). God gave me rest in my mind and body. He taught me new things through something I love. Since my mind was clear of everything else, He could clearly give me new revelations. We just enjoyed BEING together.

In that place, I didn’t have all my fears and worries, agendas and plans, my millions of thoughts about me, my team, my family, Japan, my friends at different outreach locations, and more. In that place my mind found the rest and peace Jesus promises.

When I put my yoke down and fully picked up His, I found the burden easy and light and I just enjoyed being with the One who went to such lengths to have a RELATIONSHIP with me. Simply doing something I love like any loving Father does with His child.

Although we do have work to do, a kingdom to partner with Jesus to build, He always first wants our relationship with the Father through Him to be priority one. After all, He paid such a high price for this relationship.

story from Christina, DTS student on outreach in Japan

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