Rescue from the Brothel, part 2

by Katie

(continued from part 1)

Today felt entirely different from yesterday. Today was the day when we would bring eleven-year-old Monica out of the brothel, and into a new life at the children’s home.

In our bags, we carried snacks and treats for Monica, her friends, and the other women at the brothel. We wanted to have fun with them and show them that their lives were meant to be celebrated! We did our best to create a joyful, party atmosphere.

Today was Monica’s going away party and the beginning of her new life! We sang a few songs and had a great time joking with the ladies and trying to learn new words.

A little bit removed from us stood a mother with her three-year-old son. She went over to talk to Jon for a long. Jon took out a pen and paper and wrote.

“What’s happening?” I wondered.

“I have some more news for you,” Jon told us. “Today, Monica isn’t the only one who will come home with us. We will also bring this boy, Akshay, as well.”

It was Akshay’s mother who had been talking to Jon all this time. She had been in jail for a couple of days. She couldn’t even tell Jon what had happened to her son in her absence. She feared for his life. Giving her son to be raised at the children’s home was difficult. Tears formed in her eyes as she said goodbye. But this was the best thing for him, and she knew it.

When the children were released to us, the woman who owned the brothel said, “this is the only good thing I have done in my life.”

The rest of the night was such a celebration. We had a great time. Our feet were basically walking on clouds as we escorted the two children from their old life to the children’s home. Monica would not stop talking and smiling, even though none of us girls could understand her!

It is really hard for these children to adjust to normal childhood. They need to learn how to be nice, share, play, relax, and love. Monica has a lot of school to make up as well.

Thankfully, the few days we got to spend with them after they came to the home they seemed to be doing well. Praise God for redeeming the lives of Monica and Akshay! Our whole team was blessed as well by the experience and getting to witness the Protector, Father, and Redeemer characteristics of our God among many other awesome traits He exemplifies.

Please pray for these two precious kids, for the other women and children at the brothel, and for the woman who runs the place that she would have mercy on more of them and would even come to know Jesus herself.

One of the verses we felt would be significant for our school is from Psalm 72, that “the children of the needy would be rescued from their oppressors.”  Praise God that we are seeing this happen!