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Refugee Boat Miraculously Survives Stormy Sea

For the past two weeks, YWAMers gathered in Greece to pray for refugees in Europe. During one prayer time, God gave them a picture of Jesus walking on the sea. Together, they prayed for safe passage across the sea for refugees. They felt sure that Jesus was in the boat with refugees and that He was calming storms as they prayed.

A few days later, Martin went home from the prayer meetings to Athens where he met two Syrian refugees in church. They told him about their journey from Turkey to Lesvos that happened at the same time YWAMers were praying.

They were on their rubber boat when the engine died. The waves were crashing against their boat and filling it with water. Everyone was panicking. They were sure they were about to die. Then suddenly, someone cried out to Jesus. And that’s when everything changed!

Several other voices joined in. And as they prayed, the wind slowed and the sea became calm. Miraculously, their engine started too. And they made it safe to shore!

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