Praying for hope

by Nicole W., Phos House staff

Tim & Nicole W., Phos House staff

Tim & Nicole W., Phos House staff

It was Sunday afternoon at church in Tokyo and we had just finished worshipping Jesus in both English and Japanese. The pastor encouraged the church to pray with friends and enjoy fellowship for a half hour before the next service began.

I made my way toward the connections table to chat with some people, but before I could make it to the table, a young guy asked me if I was from America. I shared with him what I do in the States (that I’m a missionary who works with university students) and why I was in Japan.

He was excited to hear that I worked with YWAM — he had friends in YWAM, too. In fact, it was Japanese YWAMers who had led him to The Lord!

Tim, my husband, joined our conversation as our new friend shared that he had just begun coming to this church after getting into some trouble, and also that he just found a job. He shared how much pressure he feels and how hard life seems to be. He said he didn’t have a stable living situation and needs a miracle to make it through day to day life. He shared with us dreams of going to another country and having a better life.

After he shared with us, we prayed for him right there in the crowded lobby. We spoke words of life and destiny over him–that God has a great calling, hope, and future for him that wasn’t dependent on this life’s situations, but dependent on God’s true promises.

Before saying goodbye, Tim looked into the young man’s eyes and affirmed him that he is a good guy, that God has a good plan for him, and that he has so much potential inside of him. He thanked us for praying and we went our separate ways.

Will you pray with us that this young man has the courage to believe and receive God’s great hope, future & destiny for him; and that he would be obedient in the ways God leads him?