Pause. Rewind. Play.

by Hattie Lindstrom

You know those moments when you stop for a second and take in your entire existence? Well, this afternoon, I had one of those. The girls on our team walked back to our house to wrap presents. Katie suggested we turn on some music while we wrapped. While the iPod played in the background, we talked, sang and laughed. Suddenly, everything paused as all that was happening sunk in.

I was in INDIA! Women in brightly colored saris lived across the street in tin shacks with small children. Horn sounds from the many scooters ricocheted through my mind. I was wearing a t-shirt and my new bright purple Punjabi pants and wrapping more than 50 Christmas presents for the street children.

And I was spending this moment with three girls who I felt like I’d known for years. In reality, I’d met them less than four months ago. One was a skinny, vegan from southern Wisconsin *gasp*. One was a married art teacher who bikes… a LOT! And one was a giggly, fashionable Mexican who knows how to hip-hop like no-one’s business.

And the weirdest part of this moment was… It all seemed absolutely NORMAL!

This is the life God has given me. I could be at home watching TV, driving to work… but God gave me this perfect adventure. I wouldn’t trade a single bucket shower or rickshaw ride for all the beef and denim in the world.