Outreach to Madison Changes Illinois Youth Group

At the end of his youth group’s outreach to Madison, this is what the Youth Pastor had to say.

“My favorite moments during Mad*Reach ’09 were all the transformative changes and firsts that God did in our youth group: people who never evangelized started to evangelize, people who never prayed for strangers prayed for strangers and people who did not have much compassion for others were filled with compassion.

People who did not like praying started to pray…. People who never worshipped God with all their heart and strength were passionately praising the living God.

People who were scared to go out into Madison were filled with boldness and courageously stepped out in faith to serve Him. People fell to their knees during worship, people were hugged by siblings for the first time in a long time, … people learned how to hear God’s voice for the first time.

People learned about who God is and important aspects about God and His character. People experienced the Holy Spirit and God’s love for the first time, and told others about God for the first time.

As a youth pastor, seeing all these breakthroughs, transformations, and firsts is a miracle and a gift from God!

— Pastor John