Outreach team asked to worship in Tokyo airport

by Tim W., Phos House staff

“Konichiwa!” someone called out to our team.

We were in the middle of Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan having just landed after our long flight from Chicago.

I turned and saw that the greeting came from a Japanese news team with video cameras.

“Where are you from?” the reporter asked. “Why are you visiting Japan? How long will you be here?”

I explained our purpose in coming to Japan. Our team of three from the Phos House / YWAM Madison campus ministry team would serve the people of Japan. We planned to teach English classes, help the homeless, and serve the YWAM Japan missionaries.

“Will you play a song for us?” the reporter asked, pointing at my guitar. It was off to the side, behind most of our luggage.

I was not expecting that question, for sure. I unzipped my case and shared a glance with my team members. We all knew I had brought the guitar along simply to worship God. And so that’s what we did for this group of Japanese public TV reporters.

Our trio sang the song “The Stand,” by Hillsong.

When we finished singing, I could feel God’s presence with us. Other people had gathered around, taking pictures and video with their phones.

“We didn’t understand what the song was about,” the reporter said. “But we felt peace while you played.”

We explained it was a song about God’s pursuit towards us and our response of trusting and worshiping Him.

What a way to invite God into a nation in a significant and public way!