Only stand if you mean it

By Paul, DTS leader

I hardly have the words to express how amazing it is here! The morning classes have been awesome. The speakers are Misha Thompson, Colleen Millstein, Fred Markert and Brian Hogan. Each has told incredible stories that have inspired the student’s faith that God is doing lots of miracles even in our day. They’ve also given powerful calls to missions.

“God used these people to paint a big picture of what God is doing in the world, and it’s beautiful!” said Dow (YWAM Madison staff).

Tonight was especially significant. Fred Markert shared about strategies in world missions. His passion is infectious!

“Stand if you’ll really go long-term in missions,” he said. “Not if you think you might, or if you might just go for a year or two. Stand if you will really devote yourself, your life.”

I looked across the auditorium. Many were standing, some stayed seated. But in front of me, each one of the DTS students and YWAM Madison staff stood up. They are all in missions for the long haul.

It was the most moving part of the conference for me. That’s why I’m involved in training — to see more people go.