Only one thing held my attention

by Mary, Children at Risk DTS student

Kids in Ethiopia - YWAM Madison DTS outreach

Ethiopian young people - Photo by Sarah Sosiak

I stared out at the masses of kids. At least one hundred, possibly as many as three hundred.

And I had nothing to give them but songs.

My heart weighed heavy as I struggled to get this crowd's attention. Why had we come? To sing songs and fill time? To shake hands but never impart more than a smile?

I started singing. After all, teachers were waiting. The kids did as I did, obediently repeating after me. But I could see their attention slipping–I'd barely had it to begin with.

In desperation, I latched on to the words and shouted them.”My God is so BIG!”

For an instant, I didn't see the kids, I didn't feel the glaring sun, and only one thing held my attention — My God.

Then the kids shouted back, their voices swelling into a deafening roar.

I pressed on, “so STRONG”

They yelled back. Enthusiastic.

I grinned. “And so MIGHTY!”

The kids shouted, they smiled, and I knew we were here for a reason. We weren't just singing songs. I had cried to my God, and He heard me.

My God is Big.
There is nothing He cannot do.