On our way to Nicaragua

Access Teen Outreach Team - Jumping in the RainThe girls are packing up all their suitcases now. It's hard to believe that this time tomorrow, we'll be unpacking our bags in Nicaragua! These few days have flown by.

Yesterday, we had teaching on how to hear God's voice and why it's important that we listen to God and pray for other people and nations — because we can make a difference! We practiced doing this when we prayed for Nicaragua. These girls' hearts are already there and they seem to be very excited to share God's love with the people we meet. We also spent much of the day learning the rest of the moves to an African praise dance. We still need to practice, but they caught on really quickly.

A big thunderstorm hit the area and rain poured down. When the thunder and lightning quit, the girls ran outside to enjoy the rain. They got completely soaked! It sure made for some fun pictures and memories.

Today, we learned what it means to really make God the boss in our lives. And we learned about the importance of keeping a clean conscience as a daily lifestyle. We also learned how to use puppets and began organizing and creating crafts to do with the kids in the elementary school run by the missionaries we're working with.

Now it's time to put everything in suitcases, clean our building, and rest if we can. We will drive to the Chicago airport in a big van…leaving around 1 AM.

Please pray for safe and smooth travels. For some of the girls, this is their first time on a flight or leaving the US.