Obedience = Success

by Daniel, DTS student
Bangkok, Thailand – MST Project

Tonight God broke down another wall for me.

We hit the streets again looking for more men to show compassion to. My fear tonight was that I wouldn't be able to do something like this by myself. That I wouldn't be able to keep a conversation going with someone I meet in a place like this. That I don't know enough or have enough life experience to be qualified to reach these men.

God taught me a lot tonight.

Tonight we reached out to two men on holiday. Young men looking to have a good time. Our conversation went two ways. Scott started talking to one man and I started talking with another. It wasn't planned that way it just happened.

While I didn't lead this man in a prayer of salvation, I did what I could with what I had. I didn't need to be older or wiser. I didn't need to have read the whole bible and know it inside out to be qualified to talk to another human being about the God who loves him. I just needed to be obedient with what God has shown me this far. That's success. No matter what the outcome is. Obedience to God is success.

Now as I continue to walk with God and continue growing in knowledge and wisdom. I will have more and more to offer each person I'm called to reach out to. That's exciting!