Jungle Bible School

YWAM Bible Seminar in the Congolese Jungle

Flying over the Congolese jungle on the way to lead a YWAM Bible seminar for 50 pastors and leaders

“Mboti Mbingi” from Isiro, Congo!

Our five-seater plane flew over the verdant Congo jungle, buzzing and bouncing through the clouds. Wycliff Bible Translators invited us (the YWAM Bible School for the Nations) to run a several-week Bible seminar for key church leaders in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We touched down in a very remote town. The damp, thick jungle heat blasted us when the plane doors opened.

Although this town is very remote, people from all over the Congo came for this Bible training seminar. Fifty pastors and leaders, both men and women, are very excited to learn the truth and have it transform them so that they can know how to teach others. Here’s what one of the Congolese pastors wrote:

“Our people are dying from ignorance of the Bible. I, myself, want to know the Bible much deeper and to have real transformation in my life. Also, I want to learn to pass it on to others.”

This jungle Bible seminar is going to be exciting! We are doing well and are settling in to life here. For dinner last night we ate cooked grubs. There is no running water or electricity, so all our water comes from the heavy rains every other day and electricity by solar panel or generator.

The curriculum of the Bible seminar has already been translated into Congolese French, Swahili, and Lingala. It’s also being translated into the mother-tongue languages of those who will attend the seminar. Before the seminar can begin, the Lingala translations for the curriculum need thorough inspection and formatting. We are also preparing our teachings, meeting with pastors, and translating posters and curriculum from English into French and Lingala. Our 5th member of the team is Mana, a Congolese YWAM missionary. Lingala is his third language, and he is translating every lecture for us!

Please remember us in your prayers, praying for God’s grace and strength for our translator and our team. We’re expecting this seminar to bring truth and transformation in the Congo!

“You have heard of all the difficulties we have as a result of the war. What we really need in this place is an understanding of the Word of God, which will bring healing.” — Mayor of Kiliba, Democratic Republic of the Congo