News from Japan

Thank you to everyone who has given toward the Japan Relief fund that we put into place through YWAM Madison. We have already sent more than $1800 to our contacts in Japan, where the money has been used to purchase and distribute food and other needed items.

Serving meals in Japan

Serving meals in Iwaki

Our friends John and Hiro are helping with the relief efforts. They have returned from Iwaki, where they partnered with a friend’s church to distribute food and meet other needs. Iwaki is just 30 miles south of the nuclear power plant that has been in the news (Fukushima Dai Ichi).

We received the following news from John:

“While the news reporters have likely moved on to other subjects, this is the first time here in Japan that we really can’t move on. And of course we don’t want to.

“This week, Hiro, owner of the Decision Cafe, and I traveled to Iwaki. We borrowed a pastor’s van after Bible study, stopped at Second Harvest for goods, and headed north. We delivered the goods to a church up there [in Iwaki] that is sending out emergency supplies throughout their area.

“While there, we got hit by earthquake aftershocks–actually three earthquakes–over five in magnitude in a span of just 15 minutes. That experience was enough to send me back to the under five magnitude area asap. (Those who lived there shrugged it off even as I ran for cover!) I posted a picture on our homepage of some of the workers who had come from all over Japan to help.

“Please pray for these workers’ safety and protection as they continue the work in the area. We will continue to help as the opportunity presents itself.

“Here are some other ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray that as we are serving the people there, our compassion and sacrifice will draw many to our compassionate God
  • Pray for protection from radiation.
  • Pray for a vehicle (van) so we can travel to the people who request our help

Thank you for your support, love, and encouragement!”

— John

If you want to donate toward the relief work Japan, you can do so through YWAM Madison. 100% of your donation will go directly toward the work the Hiro and John are doing in Japan.