New Perspective in Uganda

We arrived at the YWAM Hopeland campus in Jinja, Uganda on Sunday, January 10th. Uganda is a beautiful country. It is so green–unbelievably green! Driving through the mountains on the way to Jinja astounded me.  Shades of green that I never knew existed painted the countryside. They appeared even more brilliant next to the deep red African rock and soil.

Although Uganda is so beautiful, I did not immediately feel at home here. I missed Kenya! But now, a week later, I am completely in love. I have met many wonderful people here and made some great friends. The people of Uganda are so welcoming and hospitable.

This week we’ve done several open-air performances in nearby villages for adults and children. Yesterday we did an evangelistic open-air performance outside of a church several kilometers away from the YWAM campus. About 40 people—mostly women and children—joined us for the show, which included songs, skits, and a special song and testimony from Katie.

At the end of the performance, I preached a message on Christ’s ability to rebuild broken hearts and transform us into new creations.

In a story, I described how sin enters our hearts and corrupts our lives. Eventually, we can become so trapped that we lose all hope. But Jesus takes away the sins of the world. Everyone who is in Christ is a new creation, and can overcome all things!

I believe this was a very significant message for the people in attendance.

At the end, two teenage boys and four children came forward to declare they wanted to follow Jesus. I was a bit surprised, very excited, and somewhat nervous. I had never lead anyone in a prayer to accept Christ before. Thankfully, God is never limited by our inexperience!  While I prayed with them, I found the right words came so easily. I believe God gave me the words to speak.

Later, I talked to Braden, one of the young men who had given his life to Christ. He was so grateful to our team for coming to spread the Word of God in his community.

We have only been in Uganda one week, but I am already so thankful for my time here!

We’ve had a non-stop, busy schedule—working with children in various locations, open-air services, prison ministry, and even a birthday party for one of our new friends in Jinja—but in the midst of it all, God has been speaking to me, challenging me, and romancing me.

I am truly getting to know Him during this time away from the world I am so accustomed to. I feel incredibly blessed that He has taken me away with Him on such an adventure. Daily, He gives me new perspective, and teaches me more and more how to see the world through His eyes—this beautiful world, full of beautiful people, which He has made.