by Talasi, DTS Student

“Mzungu! Mzungu!”

No matter where I go, happy little voices call out after me “Mzungu! Mzungu!” I never tire of it; in fact, it enchants me every time.

Mzungu is a Swahili word. They use it here in Africa to describe us Westerners. It is not a negative or derogatory term at all. In fact, most times I hear it spoken with great excitement. As we travel down the dusty Ugandan roads, children wave from their homes or run out to greet us and shriek with delight, “Hey, Mzungu!”

While I love the sound of it, I can say that my excitement is not about the word itself. Instead, I’m enchanted by the faces of the children who shout this out to us when they see us coming. It’s the way they laugh and smile when an intriguing stranger waves to them and says “hello!” Their enthralled voices, their innocent enthusiasm, their vibrant smiles… they bring such pure and perfect joy to my heart.

I don’t know all of their stories, I am blessed to know that God’s eye is upon these children, and He calls each one by name.

Thank you, God, for these precious children. Thank you for preserving their innocence in such a hard world.

I will miss being called “Mzungu” when I return to North America. This word, and all that comes with it, has become a part of me here. My heart will treasure it always.