My whole life has led up to this moment

by Lo, Children at Risk DTS student

Lo, YWAM Madison Children at Risk DTS student

Lo, YWAM Madison Children at Risk DTS student

It’s hard to believe that in just three short days I will be boarding a plane to India. It has been such a long time coming, and words can’t describe the excitement and emotions I am feeling. It’s as if my whole life has led up to this moment, to this path, to this destiny. That may seem a little melodramatic, but if you’ve waited your whole life to find the will of God for your life you might understand what I mean.

The past three years since I graduated high school have been non-stop searching: searching for adventure, purpose, and joy. Throughout all of my different endeavors–whether that be university to become a molecular biologist, fashion school, or community college to become a teacher–I found nothing but disappointment and uncertainty. I was searching for something, and looking back I think I knew what it was all along.

When I was on different outreaches with my church I remember always being in my element. I realized that if I could, I would be in missions forever.

Being here for the last three months is like finally coming home. Everything about YWAM Madison confirms that this is what I was made for. I was created for a great adventure with God, and I finally found it! Though my time here at times has been rough, everything about it was worth it. I was able to finally break down the walls I built, live in true freedom with Christ, and agree with who I am and what my destiny is.

Looking forward to India, I come with only one expectation: that I will encounter God. People find it weird that I’m not worried about the danger or darkness that inevitably surrounds India. How could I possibly be afraid when I know I have God on my side? I have experienced God in such a real way the last three months that I can do nothing but fully trust and follow Him.

I’m most excited for the culture and kids I will meet! I can’t wait to see what it is like, and live in God’s destiny to help bring change. Even if I only help one person or if I never see the fruit of my work, it will be worth it just knowing I’m walking it out with God.