Morning of Miracles

by Linnea

Our team was supposed to leave for China in a few days, but it looked like it just wasn’t going to happen.

My husband and I didn’t have enough money for our plane tickets. We had been praying every day for God’s provision, but each day our mailbox was empty. Our bank account hadn’t grown overnight. Nothing. Our travel agent had already been holding the tickets for a week, waiting until we had the money to purchase them. The closer we got to flying, the more expensive they’d get. She emailed me that morning, saying that today was the last day she could hold our tickets.

We weren’t the only ones desperate to see some kind of miracle to get to go. One of our teammates had gotten married a few months ago. Anticipating the outreach, she mailed her passport in to get her name changed right away. Months later, it still hadn’t arrived! For the last few weeks, she called and pleaded with everyone — from the passport agency to the governor himself. They needed the passport yesterday to drive to Chicago and get her visa.

So we sat in the room together, praying for and planning the outreach that looked impossible. We all knew that God had spoken to us clearly that we should go, so we kept moving forward in faith that He would do the impossible as long as we did our part.

And then my cell phone rang. It was our accountant.

“I’ve got good news for you,” he said. “You just received a pretty large donation in the mail today and I’m depositing it in your account right away!”

I realized it was enough to  buy our airline tickets!

Another phone rang just as I was hanging up. It was our teammate’s mom calling to tell her that her passport had finally arrived! They could get their visas after all. Our team was now complete and ready to go!

We rejoiced and laughed as God answered all our prayers in that one morning. And yes, the outreach to China was even more amazing. But that’s a story for another time!