Mission Adventures

Group Outreach

Mission Adventures is a full service, short-term missions experience designed specifically for teens & groups. We offer package deals to Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. Because of our vast YWAM network (1500+ locations in 180+ countries), we can also customize a trip to fit your needs, timing & desired location.

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What Makes Our Mission Trips Unique?

Full Service

Our experienced staff cover all the bases – food, training, housing, outreach set-up, translation, supplies and everything else. We want to empower you as a youth leader by doing the leg work for you so that you can minister to your students. You show up with your kids, we’ll handle the rest!


You won’t go unprepared. We will equip you and your team with proven tools so you can express the Gospel across cultures. Not only will we prepare your hands, our training will prepare your hearts for all that God intends to do in and through your group.


You will do a wide variety of ministry including evangelism, mercy ministries, service projects, and children’s ministries. Jesus teaches us that when we lose ourselves for His sake, that’s when we really find out who we are. When you go on a Mission Adventures outreach, you will lose yourself in serving others.


Outreach Locations


Come to the capital of Wisconsin and be a part of transforming our city! This 6 day outreach includes dynamic training and interactive outreaches every day. Your team will minister to the homeless, inner city kids and international communities.

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This 16 day outreach takes you to a peaceful border town that offers safe haven for thousands of refugees fleeing oppression in Burma. Your team could minister to refugees, orphans, street kids, or the surrounding hill tribes.

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This 12 day trip takes you to one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Your group will distribute Bibles, minister to slum children and youth, and potentially build a home for an impoverished family.

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This 8 day trip include 3 days of dynamic training in Madison and 5 days of urban outreach in Chicago. Your team will minister to inner city kids, immigrant communities, and the homeless.

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This 16 day trip takes you to the edge of the Baltic Sea to minister to at risk kids and youth, engage in mercy ministry and friendship evangelism, prayer walk, and serve practical needs through work projects.
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This 16 day trip takes you to the base of Mount Kilimanjaro to work with vulnerable children, local schools, Bible distribution initiatives, friendship evangelism, and construction projects.
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Teens Can Change the World

Mission Adventures is a hybrid leadership camp and missions trip led by a team of experienced missionaries who believe teens can change nations. David was only 17 when he killed Goliath. Samuel was only 8 when he heard God’s voice and started leading a nation. And Esther was only 15 when she saved her people from genocide.

We believe that the same God of David, Samuel and Esther is waiting to unleash His miracles in this generation. Teens will grow in their character and leadership. They will learn how to hear God’s voice. They will see and experience things that they never imagined. And their hearts will break with the things that break God’s.

Their experiences in Mission Adventures will prepare them to make a difference back home with their friends, their family, their school, and their world! As others observe their lives, they will desire their personal walk with the Lord, their love for the lost, their aggressive faith, their trust & obedience, their self-discipline, their teachable spirit, and their willingness to serve.

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