Mission Builders Report: John & Michele, Mobile Mechanics

mission builder working on the bus

by Michele & John Whitlock
Mobile Mechanics with Mission Builders International

YWAM Madison, in our opinion, is the poster child for Hospitality. If you are thinking of serving at a YWAM location in the United States, then I would suggest that you start in Madison, Wisconsin. Not only do the staff go out of their way to provide lovely and clean lodging places, food and fellowship, they are truly thankful for any help that they receive. They have treated us with respect, and with warm regard…as if we were family. We are welcomed “home” when we arrive, and we do feel as if we have come to our other home each time we visit. We have made lifelong friendships at YWAM Madison – in fact, we love the staff dearly.

My husband, John, is a mechanic. Our ministry is to go to YWAM centers around the the US repairing staff and base vehicles. So, we have travelled quite extensively. There are only a few bases that have the gift of making a person feel at home, and this is one of those places.

As far as making use of our natural abilities and talents, I can say that YWAM Madison is open to our ideas and suggestions. The leaders respect our experience and allow us to serve in the ways that make us happy and make THEM happy! John is always busy with vehicle repair. And I have had the opportunity to cook meals, preserve a crop of tomatoes, make and freeze massive amounts of cookie dough, weed gardens, spread yards of mulch, transplant some overgrown hostas, and help with an annual yard sale. And, I had a great time doing all of the above.

We are looking forward to our next visit to Madison…and we hope to see you there too!

Michele & John Whitlock
Mobile Mechanics with Mission Builders International