Miracles in Nepal

by Nick S., DTS student, Nepal

The highlight of my day was after we left the elementary school and stopped at a fork in the road. We stuck out as obvious foreigners — and managed to attract a large crowd of the locals. We met up with another YWAM team from Nashville and decided to use the opportunity of having a crowd. I’ve got to say, I love the thrill and using the potential of these random, spontaneous opportunities to share the Gospel. Really, it’s a wonderful part of my life!

We worshipped God, shared some testimonies, and Nicolaj shared the Gospel and how God transformed his life.

We prayed for people who asked afterwards. One man asked us to come to his house and pray for his wife. Several of us, including me, Damian, Tara (a Nepali Christian working with and translating for us), and a few of the Nashville YWAMers went with him.

The man’s wife was very frail and sickly, and her husband said she was paralyzed in the right side of her body. We all prayed for her at the same time and prayed for her salvation, for healing, and freedom.

After we prayed for her, she began to speak. Her husband said that she had been unable to speak for over 7 years! She also regained some muscular strength/usage in the right side of her body that she did not have before; however she was not completely healed and could not remain standing on her own. Tara conjectured that the faith must become her own to be 100% healed. Please keep praying for her to be fully healed and come to know Jesus.

Later we went to a house church (with lots of bee hives on it!). I shared a testimony and Nikolaj preached. They served us snacks, chai tea (which is GREAT by the way) and delicious honey from their resident bees.

It was a great day full of Jesus, surprises, blessings, fun and Kingdom of God/Holy Spirit opportunities of all kinds!

Please keep praying for our team and the people we will minister to, and thank you for your support!