Miracle in South Africa

By Rachel, DTS Student

South Africa Team

As we stepped out into the overwhelming streets of Masi, I began to take my surroundings in. It was our first day in South Africa. I had never been anywhere so bursting with life! People crowded the streets. Children played in the narrow roads that were crammed with parked cars. Buses stopped every few feet, and taxis constantly offered us their service.

Our goal for the day was to walk around the city, praying for the people and the city. We would also pray with them if they were open to it.

My team, Abby, Siya (a Masi native), and I, started noticing the difference in people’s reactions to us. The most skeptical of all were the adults. Anytime I looked at them, I felt they didn't want us there — like we had no right to be there. Before long, I started wondering if maybe they were right. Was I in the right place? Could I accomplish anything here? Will they listen to someone so young?

We eventually stopped at the house of two older women, Carol and Marina.

Carol was quick to respond to us and excited to share her faith. Marina seemed unsure, like she didn't share the same amount of faith as Carol, but she was still willing to let us pray for her.

Then I remembered what someone said to me during our school training: “Don’t ever think you can’t serve because you don’t have enough wisdom or experience.” Those words meant so much to me during training. They reminded me that my doubts and insecurities were wrong–because with Christ I was capable of doing what He asked of me.

“Marina, how can we pray for you?” I asked.

“My heart hurts all the time,” she said, her voice weak but heavy with pain.

She told us she couldn’t even maintain normal physical activity because of the amount of pain she was constantly in.

“All I can do is sit here, in my chair,” she said.

As we prayed for her something amazing happened!

Marina stood up! “My heart doesn’t hurt anymore!” she said.

She began moving about her house, doing things that used to cause her pain. When it was clear that her pain was gone, I was overwhelmed with happiness for her!

I am so glad that I didn't let doubts and fears get to me and keep me from being open to praying for Marina. Now I'll always remember that I am capable of doing whatever the Lord has called me to do!