Milda’s Story

Milda enjoyed spending time with missionaries in China. She came to Bible studies and always knew the right answers. But she wasn’t interested in a personal relationship with God.

“It’s time for you to make a decision about God,” her Bible study leader prompted her one evening. “You know a lot about him now. Will you give him your life?” Tears filled Milda’s eyes, but she said nothing.

The next day, she took DTS student Yo Han to the souvenir market. Yo Han talked to her more about his own experiences getting to know Jesus better. Yo Han felt a lull in the conversation, so he told a few jokes to lighten the mood.

To his surprise, instead of laughing, Milda began to cry.

“Um, why are you crying?” Yo Han asked.

“While you were talking, I was just filled with so much peace and comfort,” she said. “I remembered what you had said in the Bible study about the Holy Spirit. I think I felt the Holy Spirit’s comfort for the first time.”

At one of the souvenir shops, Yo Han purchased a small cross necklace. He gave it to Milda.

“I’m sorry,” Milda said. “I can’t wear this. It would be disrespectful to God because I haven’t given my life to him.”

Milda promised to keep the necklace, though, and they exchanged email addresses. A few days later, Yo Han saw a message from Milda in his inbox.

“Yo Han, I decided to give my life to Christ,” she wrote. “I’m still going to the Bible study and am learning so much.” Attached to the email was her picture — and in her picture, she wore the cross necklace.

As the DTS students made friends on the university campuses this fall, God worked in the hearts of the young Chinese men and women. Since returning from outreach, several of the students have received emails similar to the one Milda wrote to Johann. These Chinese students are giving their lives to Jesus, even though it may cost them their jobs, their reputation, even their lives.

Please pray that more Chinese university students would encounter God on their college campuses. (By the way, you can reach international students–even in your own community!)