photo of Melissa

Melissa Clem

For many years I have felt called by God to go out into all the world and rescue and restore those who have been abandoned and abused.

There are 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today and 80% of them are women and children.

God’s heart is that none would be lost and that people would be set free. 

I feel called to help victims of trafficking not only get physically freed from slavery but to find freedom in Christ to become who He has called them to be.

Through this ministry, I will be working directly with victims of trafficking.  We are partnering with Law Enforcement to rescue victims and then be able to get them to safety to begin the process of restoration.  I will be working as a counselor to help these victims find true freedom in Christ.  I will also be working towards getting children out of environments where they could be trafficked locally and internationally.

My heart is to bring hope and healing to those who have been abused and abandoned.

Thanks for partnering with me in this awesome journey to see lives restored!