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Victor meets Jesus in the Marketplace

Written by Katie
DTS Student

The sun blazed down from a bright blue sky as we headed to the market. Keisha and I ducked out of the sun into a vendor’s stall. “Do you have any shirts for sale?” we asked.

While the vendor searched for shirts, we started talking to him. His name was Victor, and he was from a town approximately 6 hours away from Cancun. Every month, he makes the journey back to his hometown to visit his parents and brother. He showed us pictures on his phone, and then asked us about our plans for while we were in Cancun.

It was the perfect opportunity to talk about our outreach to Cancun and our friend Jesus who had sent us! His eyes lit up when we mentioned a meeting with missionaries that night.

“Can I come to your church?” he asked.

“Of course!” we said. “But we can also tell you about Jesus right now!”

We told Victor about what our friendship with Jesus looked like and how he too could know Jesus.

“You mentioned that you read the Bible,” he said. “I want to read it too! Where should I start?”

“You should read John 4” Keisha said after asking Jesus for a passage for Victor. “We’d like to pray for you too. Would that be OK?”

He nodded. We prayed together and promised to return with directions to our host church in Cancun.

Wednesday was an equally sunny and warm day, just like every day in Cancun. After lunch, Keisha and I walked the 3 minutes down the road to Market 28 and Victor’s stall. He greeted us with a huge smile!

“Now we can have our Bible study!” he said.

Keisha and I looked at each other — we thought we were just coming to bring him the address. We hadn’t planned a Bible study. However, we trusted that God would lead us. We followed Victor over to a couple of benches.

For the next hour, we discussed John 4. Victor had so many questions and was eager to learn.

“I want to know Jesus too!” he exclaimed. Together, we prayed for Jesus to become his friend and king. I could hardly believe that a simple day off had turned into a moment that would change Victor’s life forever!