Meet the Thailand Outreach Team!

by Amanda, Thailand outreach team participant

The Thailand team has been together for 10 days, which normally doesn’t seem like a long time, however, in those 10 days strangers from all over the USA and Thailand have merged to become a well bonded team. It has been amazing to see how God fit a group of leaders together. We thought we should tell you a bit about who is serving the Lord in Thailand.

YWAM Madison Thailand outreach team 2012

YWAM Madison's Thailand outreach team 2012

Meet The Team:

Amanda (written by Catherine): No matter what we’re talking about, Amanda always has a funny anecdote to go with it. She’s awesome and adds a nice flavor to the group dynamic…maybe it’s because she comes from Greenville (the land of awesome). She’s also always there with a nice scientific solution to our problems, after all, it’s her job. As if that’s not enough, she is very musically talented as well and we love her random knowledge of strange German words!

Liz (written by Amanda): Liz keeps us on track with her amazing organizational skills. We need that in this bunch! She also has a big heart and is courageous, leaving her adorable young son and husband at home to follow the Lord’s leading in coming here to Thailand with us.

Eric (written by Liz): Eric is the manly man on this trip. He has to deal with 8 women! How many men do you know would sign up for that? He leads our team in worship at least once a day. Eric brings a sense of humor to most situations but also challenges us with theological discussions.

Pang (written by Eric): We first met our translator, Pang, in the Bangkok airport at 3am. Our flight was delayed so she had been standing for 4 hours straight with her lil YWAM sign awaiting our arrival. We saw grace and patience in her right from the start. She’s very outgoing and has no problem talking to anyone about anything(and we have some ignorant questions). She has blended into our team effortlessly and we would be lost without her. In her own words she is “the funniest person she knows.” Fact.

Jill (written by Pang): Jill is very nice and friendly. She is really good leader and take care of everyone like a mom. She is sweet and gentle. Jill always has something positive to say and brightens the room with infectious laugh.

Jami (written by Jill): Jami is outgoing and incredibly relational; she makes the whole team feel welcome and at ease around her. Jami is our health guru and counsels us all on taking care of the bodies God has given us. She is hilarious, easy-going and an amazing listener – obviously an asset to our team!!

Emily (written by Jami): Where to start… Emily does everything! She rides horses, plays instruments, dances ballet and does just about anything else you could think of. She is our early bird that jump starts the rest of the team with wake up calls and breakfast each morning. Emily has a sense of classic elegance and a quiet confidence that is unmatched by anybody else. She keeps this gnarly bunch lookin’ our best!

Maddie (written by Emily): Maddie is crazy fun to be around. Maddie draws people to her just by being herself. She is confident in her style and personality. Maddie always has a smile on her face and has something funny to say. Everyone should have a Maddie in their life.

Catherine (written by Maddie): Catherine is so much fun to have on this trip. She has so much energy and is definitely her own person, marching to her own beat. You cannot help to laugh until your lungs ache when she cracks jokes or does a funny impersonation. She brings so much joy to the team, but also brings great spiritual conversation.

Please pray for our team as we show God’s love to Pattaya.

YWAM Madison Thailand Outreach - Pattaya Cityscape
Pattaya Cityscape