Manuel & Brandy Ramminger

Madison, WI is a great place to be a missionary. The University of Wisconsin attracts some of the brightest young minds from around the world. Many of them come here earmarked to be leaders and influencers in their respective nations and the hope of their nations rests on their shoulders. While here many are looking for friends and those from nations where Christianity is restricted or even illegal are very open to learn about our faith.

In contrast to that is a statistic that shows that most internationals never get to see an American home on the inside while studying in the United States. We recently moved our family closer to campus to provide a home of hospitality to university students as well as our staff ministering to them.

Brandy came to YWAM Madison in 2000 and Manuel in 2001. We have worked in Training, Team Building, and now Campus Ministry. Our passion is to provide missionaries a firm foundation in understanding God’s word and how it applies to all areas of society. In 2008 we helped bring Bible School for the Nations to Madison and in 2014 Brandy was part of developing a new course in the University of the Nations called Foundations for Transforming Nations. This course is focused on showing students, through the Bible and history, how God transforms individuals, nations, and situations to bring his own goodness to our troubled planet. Besides that we both travel to various nations to lecture in UofN courses like the Discipleship Training School or Bible Schools on topics like Worldview and Justice, Spiritual Warfare, and various books of the Bible such as Deuteronomy and the Major Prophets.

Currently we are preparing an Introductory Leadership Practicum that will equip missionaries to engage the University of Wisconsin in new, intentional ways through thinking, worshipping, serving, and engaging groups on campus.

Besides that, Brandy is pursuing a masters degree in Christian Spiritual Formation which is giving her tools to deepen the process of discipling people and equipping her to continue to develop further training courses in the UofN.