Making God Known in Madison

by Anna, School of the Bible staff

Nicole and I stood at a downtown bus stop. We prayed, asking God to bless the city of Madison and to help us meet the right people—people who needed to know that God loves them.

While we prayed, we walked around the block. We wanted to find someone to talk to. The first person we struck up a conversation with was a man of Asian descent. I asked him about his family.

“I am from Nepal. I’ve been in Madison since 2005,” he answered, in broken English. “I met my wife here.

While he talked, I noticed his prayer beads, so I asked him about his religion. He was Buddhist, and he told me about his beliefs.

When I told him what I believe, his face went blank like he didn’t know what I was saying.

“Have you heard of Jesus?” I asked him.

“I think there are people in Nepal who believe in Him, but I don’t know anything about Jesus,” he answered.

I was surprised. I thought everyone here must have heard about Jesus. But how would they know unless they’re told? So in simple words, I told this man about a relational God who, out of love, had sent His only Son.

When we had to leave, I took the man’s hand with both of my hands—a sign of respect in Asian nations—and he gave me a broad smile. I hope to see him again and pray that he’ll be able to learn more about the God who loves him!