Lucy’s Story

I’m fairly new to the missions field and living life as a missionary. I did a DTS and Bible School for the Nations over the last two years and I knew that God was calling me to missions beyond that. But the thought of fund raising & asking people to support me financially was so intimidating!

I’m still in the process of raising a support team, and through that process, God has been speaking to me about a couple of things.

First is the importance of my relationships with other people. It’s not about asking people for money. It’s about explaining the ministry God is doing through me. It’s a lot easier to talk about what I’m doing when I have the confidence God is calling me to this. Plus it’s easy for others to get excited about what I’m doing when they see my own excitement and enthusiasm.

The other thing God has spoken to me is that He provides in numerous ways–not just with money. One story that comes to mind happened pretty recently. I had just been accepted as staff and sent out a newsletter telling about what I was doing and encouraging my friends to partner with me. I also included prayer requests — and one of the requests was for a mechanic who could service my car.

Two days after I mailed the letter, a friend of a friend called me. “I’m a mechanic,” he said. “Do you need any help fixing your car?”

I was excited to see God provide for me so quickly and specifically!

I know I will see God provide in so many other ways as I continue serving Him in missions. It really is an adventure that brings us closer to Him.