a home built by missionaries in Tijuana, Mexico

Love in the form of a home

By Katie
DTS Student

The smell of cooked chicken and rice wafted to our noses as drops of rain began to splatter from the overcast sky. We hammered the final nails into the roofing of the small home we had just built for a family here in Tijuana.

Everyone climbed down and we all crowded into the small square house, where the food prepared for us lay out on a table.

That morning, we had arrived to find a small cement pad on the outskirts of Tijuana. Now, a mere 3 hours later, a teal structure stood ready for the family of 4 to move in.

For us, the home we built looks like a small shed. It is a 12×12 structure with one window and door, built from 2x4s, plywood, nails, and roofing material. We would never want to live in this one room shelter, yet it is an amazing blessing to this family.

After eating the delicious food, we packed up the truck and then invited the mother and her two children into their new home. We prayed for the family and their home before departing, leaving the grateful family smiling.