Looking for Answers in the Red Light District

by Daniel, DTS student
Bangkok, Thailand – MST Project 

Tonight I went to the streets of Bangkok with a few guys to reach out to the men. We're volunteering with the MST project, whose aim is to reach out to men who buy sex.

We met a guy pretty quickly who was very open to talking. We sat down with him at a restaurant and just chatted like guys. We had some drinks (Sprite for myself) and ate some food. Talked about work, talked about family, talked about golf. He was a very normal man just like me.

He wasn't there looking to buy sex, he made that clear. He had a girlfriend back home whom he wasn't about to cheat on. I believed him because he was honest with a lot more personal things than that.

I realized that I needed to be careful not to judge these men that I saw, or anyone for that matter. We don't know them, we don't know what they're doing. And if we didn't seek them out with love and compassion like God first sought us out, we would never know them. We would never know what brings them to a place like this.

Whether they're looking to purchase sex or they're just looking for a good beer and a meal. And you know what? This particular man was looking for answers about Life too. About religion, about God.

He had a good family, he had a good job. He's got lots of money, a home and quite a few luxuries. But he didn't have happiness and he knew it. How would I have known this if we didn't talk to him?

God is good.

Before this night I didn't think my testimony was good enough to share to people who didn't know God. I never thought I'd ever be able to relate to a man I'd find in a place like the red light district. Well tonight God opened my eyes. I was able to relate a lot to this man. And I'm not sure how much it meant to him but it meant a lot to me.

It encouraged me that with God's help, anyone can reach out to anyone.