Liquor Store Preacher

by Nicolaj, DTS student, Nepal

Just an hour before our team was set to leave Tikapur, a friend invited Nick and me to share our testimonies and pray for a man. We follow our friend through town and ask who we are meeting and where. It turns out we’re meeting a man who runs a liquor store nearby.

Nick and Nicolaj were invited to share the gospel in the liquor store (seen in the background) with this man.

Nick and Nicolaj were invited to share the gospel in the liquor store (seen in the background).

We pray quickly before we duck into the small hut on the side of the road. It is very dark, and the only light is the sun that shines through a small hole in the wall. We introduce ourselves to the man and talk with him. He is very small and lanky. He smiles as our friend translates for us. We sit down and begin to share our testimonies and encouragements.

While we are encouraging him, young customers come and go in the liquor hut. Eventually a small crowd gathers and listens in on our words. At the end we pray for the man and prophesy life into him and his family—his wife and his son.

To be honest, I have no idea if our testimonies had an impact because Nepali men especially don’t show any emotions. I just know that we shared what God wanted us to share and prayed what he wanted us to pray. Sometimes we don’t see the fruit of our work, but I know that God won’t let our work go to waste. He will use us to bring light in the darkness and to share the hope of Jesus Christ.

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