Lindsey Greene

My missions journey began when I was in high school, on an outreach to Houston, TX. My hunger for God grew as I learned more about him and his dreams for the world. The world no longer looked the same to me. I was no longer afraid, but filled with love for the people God created! As my passion for God grew, I knew I wanted more training so I could learn how to share it with others. I completed a Discipleship Training School and Bible School for the Nations. Through those years, I learned more about God as a father, friend, and king. Now I am passionate and more equipped to proclaim the truth about God to the rest of the world.

My love to proclaim the truth led to the decision to join staff at YWAM Madison. On outreach  I shared about the love of our heavenly father. I saw the students’ reactions when they realized He wasn’t upset or closed off to them, that He actually loved them more than they could ever imagine. I saw their desire to change their relationship with their earthly parents to show God’s love, because they themselves had just experienced it. That one teaching inspired someone to restore a relationship! YWAM is amazing at providing opportunities to share with the rest of the world the love of our Father.

What will I do now on staff at YWAM Madison? I am here to serve, which means filling in where it’s needed. I’m excited because I have the chance to serve in many places. I can learn what I’m good at, what I like doing, and where’s the best fit for me. Plus I get to be with people! I get to grow with the staff and learn about YWAM Madison and the individuals who make it so great.