Life at Home: The Adventure of Following God’s Still Small Voice

by Abbie Fox

In just seven days, I will head to YWAM Madison to join Discipleship Training School staff. I am beyond excited for this new chapter in my life. While on staff, I will mentor, serve, lead and pour my life into young people who are passionate about God and His mission for this world. I will also co-lead an outreach team to parts of the world as of yet unknown!

With all the excitement yet to come, it’s easy to look ahead and overlook all that God has done this summer. Since returning from my own DTS in April, I’ve felt God really encouraging me to listen and obey the little things that He asks me to do. I’ve been listening closely for those small nudges of His still small voice and have walked out obedience challenges.

Abbie and GrandmaAs I did this, I learned just how important it is to have an open heart that was willing to obey whatever He prompted me. Sometimes the promptings pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes, they were radical. Sometimes they were a little adventurous. Sometimes? OK, almost always!

Here’s a few of my summer adventures with Jesus:

  • I prayed with my Grandma’s neighbor who, to my knowledge, is not a Christian. Truthfully, I was quite nervous to do this. But then I remembered my Grandpa’s great faith and obedience, and I knew he would’ve done the same. So I went on over and asked my neighbor if I could pray for his son who was in the hospital. My neighbor’s son was very sick and they were worried that he would soon die. But as I prayed with my neighbor, I really felt that God loved his son so much and would take care of him. A few weeks later, my prayers were answered and the son went back to work completely fine!
  • It was Sunday afternoon. My friend and I had just finished lunch and were walking out the door when I saw an elderly couple sitting on a bench. I turned right back around and peaked my head back in the door. “You look so nice,” I told them. They were touched. We started talking and soon they asked if we could give them a ride home. So my friend and I drove the couple home and had incredible conversations with them about God the whole way. I could tell this couple loved Jesus a lot and I was really glad I’d listened to that still small voice so I could form this new friendship with them.
  • Right down the street from me lives a girl who was in a terrible accident a few years back. She was paralyzed from the waist down. Before DTS, I’d never really thought about visiting her. But this summer, every time I drove by her house, I felt like I should stop by. So, I finally gathered up the courage and bought a beautiful flower bouquet. I took them to her house and gave them to her. I explained who I was and why I was there. Then, I gave her the message God had put on my heart. And wouldn’t you know it? But right there on her bed was an apologetics study Bible. She was a believer too! We’d even attended the same big church for years, but had never met. How crazy is that? Now, we’re getting together for coffee later this week and I have the feeling I’ve made another great friend. 🙂

God’s still small voice amazes me. Following Him sometimes feels risky. But it is so worth it. I can’t wait to follow this same kind, risk-taking God back into YWAM. Seven days and counting!