Life of a DTS student

by Emily B., DTS student

Waking up in the morning, I am greeting by the slams of doors, the cries of “what should I wear today?!” and the sights of 15 bright eyed young girls getting ready for their day.

DTS Class notes - photo by Emily B.

photo by Emily B.

After eating breakfast, Jesus and I spend some special time together right before worship and class time. Every day, class proves to be some of the most thought provoking times that brings me to analyze where I stand in my faith and why.

Class time is followed up by lunch which is then followed up by my community responsibility: communications for the DTS. Once my job is done, I am free to write my weekly journal, read my weekly reading, study for my weekly

DTS Dorm Living

DTS Dorm Living – photo by Emily B

map tests, and complete my weekly assigned nation to reflect on and research.

I know it’s time to stop when my nostrils fill with the spices of curry or the sweetness of grapes accompanied by sloppy joes. After high-fiving the cooks, I either rush off to my one on one, small group outing, focus night, intercessory prayer time, or a late night class.

But on the nights I am free, I am refreshed by the movie marathons, long serious talks, crazy

Friends and fun at DTS - YWAM Madison DTS

Friends and fun at DTS – photos by Emily B.

chair hall races, dance sessions, nail parties, and just reflecting on my day with the amazing people who are the heart of YWAM–visionaries, compassionate, loving and kind young people whom I am proud to call my friends and family.

Before the long day is through, I wait and pray for a shower out of the four that are shared among 32 girls. Finishing the day I shout “I love you” to my dorm room and thank the Lord that I’m here. 🙂