Leviticus–why read it?

by Abe, School of the Bible student

Leviticus and the laws were very meaningless to me before. I thought of them as a good advice or guidance that we are not obligated to follow but could be beneficial when practiced. They were always the boring parting of the Bible, which I tended to skim. Or I would just jump to different book.

After studying Leviticus in School of the Bible this week, my view of it has been radically changed. Now I see that the laws were something that the Israelites definitely needed in order for them to be protected and to be disciplined.

Leviticus showed me how God was Father-like. God was trying to get this “child” to be protected, safe from harm and able to grow. This week I had a real glimpse of the father heart of God through Leviticus. As if He was trying to discipline a street kid in loving way, I saw God’s dedication and his plan to give what’s best for the child.