Learning how to be loved for who I am

by Katie with Emily – DTS students
Mexico City, Mexico 

Mexico City at night

Mexico City buzzed with the sounds of streets packed with people and cars. My team was traveling to “El Pozo del Vida,” (The Well of Life) which is a home for underaged former prostitutes.

I attended an English class workshop, but felt pretty shy. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my Spanish, so I hesitantly introduced myself to the girls. I also imagined being in their shoes — would I want to talk to someone from some other country who thought they could “save” me? I doubted they would want to receive anything from me, so I kept to myself a lot at the beginning.

As the day progressed I noticed that I began to “forget” to care about guarding myself. As I began to just be myself, the girls extended their love to me! It made me wonder what I really knew about love and accepting others. Even when I messed up on my Spanish, they laughed and tried to help me, breaking down my personal walls to a place where I felt comfortable.

When we left the house, I literally danced for joy. I felt a freedom like I’ve never known. God showed me through these girls that I could be loved for who I am. Even loved by those who I had at first judged as unable to love. I thought that my purpose in being at the home today was to encourage the girls, but God encouraged me through being with them.

God rejoices with me, in who I am. And He rejoices with these girls who are also learning who He made them to be.