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Laying Foundations for Freedom

by Dow S.,  Bible School for the Nations staff / BELT Ministries

We have been so privileged to be a part of the BELT-Wycliffe project in the Democratic Republic of Congo! BELT, which stands for Bible Education Leadership Training, is a three-part series of seminars that equips pastors, leaders and church planters to be more effective in discipling their nations. Wycliffe has eleven locations in the Congo where major Bible translation works are being finished. YWAM has been invited to run our Transformation Series in each of these eleven locations.

YWAM Madison is partnering to bring the series to Isiro. This is our third and final trip there. During the previous trips we taught on Transformation of the Heart (Revival in 2010) and Transformation of Character (Mind / Leadership renewal in 2011). This year we will finish with the Transformation of Society seminar (Extending God’s ways to the World). (Read about the 2010 BELT seminar here:

But how does one “transform” society?

It is not accomplished through top-down “power-over” means. We will teach biblical principles that bring true internal-to-external freedom in ways that will change all of society if they are applied. This change begins with the recognition that God is the Highest Authority, and all people and nations are accountable to Him. God’s law is the highest law, and all nations’ laws must submit to the law of God in order to be legitimate – yet individuals must live according to God’s laws of love whether or not they are “on the books” of a nation’s legislation.

People are made in God’s image and have great value. Therefore governments must dispense justice impartially, treating all people as equal before the law. There must be consequences for breaking the law, or else the law is just a suggestion. Government exists for the protection of the individual and their property. Think of the effects these beliefs would have on the war-torn nation of the DR-Congo, ever capitulating between anarchy and tyranny!

We are excited to see what God is going to do. Please pray with us for another effective trip. I have been so impressed by the Holy Spirit’s work in the Congo, and I believe it is at least partially because God is answering prayers.

Please pray for protection and for the whole team, for unity and also against spiritual attacks, insecurity, and gender discrimination for the girls on the team. Please also pray for team finances.

You can help us see true transformation in the DR-Congo by praying for the team, or by donating to help cover the expenses of our volunteers. (The following link will take you to PayPal. Please add a note that your donation is for the BELT Congo outreach.)