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Kenzie’s Story: My Own Impossible Miracle

A couple weeks before Christmas break, I was praying about my India / Nepal outreach. I needed a couple thousand dollars in donations, but nothing was coming in. I had tried fundraisers and seen God provide for my classmates and staff, but I was out of ideas.

That night I had a dream that a complete stranger in the airport was going to give me some money. After I woke up, I daydreamed about what it would look like if that actually happened. The next night, same dream: a stranger in the airport.

Only a few days before break, we got together in our teams to pray about things we could do while we were home to raise more support as many of us still needed money.

“I’m going to talk to my Church,” one to my right said.
“I have someone I can talk to,” said another.
“A name was on my heart so I’m going to find that person.”

And my turn,” Uh..I think something is going to happen at the airport…?”

The day finally came — 25 hours of traveling to get home for the holidays.

Absolutely nothing happened.

I was honestly disappointed. I didn’t want to worry about money the whole break, and I had gotten no other ideas. While I was on break, some people made donations, $20 here, $10 there. But I still needed a great amount.

The day came to leave home, and I learned that I had a much shorter travel day ahead of me. I was nervous. Not much time for something to happen.

My first flight, nothing. Only minutes to run to my next plane, no time to talk to potentially giving strangers.

On my second flight, there was about 40 minutes left before landing, and nothing happened. The girl sitting next to me on that flight was a Christian and going to a missionary school in Washington, but with no means of financially supporting me.

I glanced around the plane. “All right God, who do I need to talk to? What do I need to do?”

No answers came. Nothing happened.

I decided I would just take out my message that I had been preparing for outreach and work on it some more. I was flipping through pages when I felt someone watching me. I looked up — it was the flight attendant.

“What are you working on?” she asked.

I explained my message, YWAM, and what I would do on outreach in India and Nepal.

To my surprise, she poured on compliments and encouragements! I couldn’t stop smiling, I knew God was fulfilling my prayers.

“I have some workbooks that would be perfect for you to write more of your sermons,” she said. “I even have some with me today that you can keep. I’ll just get some new ones later.”

I was beaming. But it wasn’t over!
Right before the plane landed, she walked by. “Here’s a little something for your trip,” she said, handing me a check.

Without looking, I pocketed the check and waited until I was on my way to baggage claim to take it out again.

I pulled the check from my pocket and had to look at the amount a few times.


$200!? From this complete stranger!?

God had fulfilled my dream.

When I first got to YWAM, we read all these books about these crazy miracles happening to people. Fun to read, but not anything I ever thought could happen to me. And here I am, three months later, living in these “impossible” miracles. Go God!

by Kenzie K., DTS student

Editor’s Note: The day before Kenzie left for India and Nepal, an anonymous donor paid for the rest of her fees for outreach! Kenzie writes, “My mind is blown and I can’t stop crying. Told ya God is bigger than a number! :D”

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