Kenya Highlights (so far)

Highlights from our first week in Kenya:
Giraffes!  On Friday, our host from the Athi River Base in Kenya took us on a mini safari to check out some Africa wildlife.  We were lucky enough to see ten giraffes grazing together in the wild.  It was stunning; magnificent; exhilarating!  They are such beautiful creatures!  They most certainly remind me of the creativity and divine power of God!
 Doing laundry by hand (out in the hot sun!) with the staff ladies at Springs of Hope Children’s Center.  It was really cool to spend some time getting to know them and learning from them.  They were shocked that I wanted to help, and it was encouraging to know how much they appreciated it.
Our first African rain shower experience!  On Wednesday afternoon, while I was journaling in my room, the rain started pelting off the metal roof.  It was so loud that we all went outside and stood under the awning to watch the storm.  I hadn’t showered since Sunday morning, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to freshen up!  Christina and I grabbed our shampoo and towels and began washing out hair in the downpour.  Not long afterwards, we were joined by Evynn, Genae, Katie, and even Jaedn!