Kate Perkins

My heart beats for people to really know who God is. To know his character and his ways, and to have real, deep relationship with Him. I love working with people to help them learn how to shape their lives to reflect more of God’s character and His Kingdom.

This desire has led me to many different areas and roles within YWAM Madison over the years. In admissions I get to introduce potential students to YWAM and our Discipleship Training Schools.  When I am a part of the staff teams for the Discipleship Training Schools or Bible School for the Nations I get to work directly with students in their transformation process. There are also times when I am cooking, cleaning, painting and weeding. Currently I am living and working at the Phos house, our international community house for university students.

I deeply desire for our various YWAM properties and ministries to reflect the Kingdom of God, and I want to do my part to steward what God has given us well. Thank you so much for your donation and for praying for me.