Joshua Ojile

As a missionary partnered with YWAM Madison, I feel called to work with the Bible School For the Nations (BSN) and Bible Education and Leadership training (BELT). Both ministries aim to equip the mind and heart of believers, so they may be more effective in the work God has called them to. The BSN trains missionaries to study the Bible, teach the Bible, and apply Biblical truth in their lives. BELT provides culturally relevant Biblical education to leaders and pastors who may not have access to it.

When I took the BSN, God touched my life, as He revealed to me more of his heart through scripture. I have also seen God touch other people’s lives through the BSN and BELT ministries. On a BELT outreach to a restricted nation, one of my classmates taught on The Value and Design of People. When it was time to receive feedback from the participants, a woman stated that she did not know she had value before this teaching, but now she knew. I believe there are many of God’s children around the world, who like that woman do not know the value God has placed on them. However, I hope to partner with God and you to touch more of His children with truth.