It Began With a Revolution of Love – 40 Years in YWAM

YWAM Olympic Outreach - Revolution of LoveForty years ago my wife, Gayle, and I responded to the YWAM invitation to join the “Revolution of Love” to reach the world with the Gospel through the Olympic Games event in Munich, Germany.

That idea that youth could be effective in impacting nations was a risky experiment–as far as most experts thought.

Today we see the fruit, not only of that experiment being proven true, but also the impact it has had on countless young people who have had their lives changed by God as they stepped up to the call of world-wide missions.

This summer, the Olympic torch will once again be lit, and another generation of YWAMers from around the world will gather in London to declare the message of the cross that sets the captives free.

Pray for our YWAM teams as they “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature!”

Warren Keapproth
Director, YWAM Madison

p.s. You can watch a documentary of YWAM's Revolution of Love at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Can you find Warren in one of the Jesus marches? (hint: he's near the end)